Andy Hollinden

Autumn Heart Father (2017)

Autumn Heart Father is a collection of songs I wrote and recorded after suffering a heart attack. Unsurprisingly, a scare like that forces introspection and brings focus to matters of aging, love, life, and death. While these songs delve into deep feelings, they successfully avoid the danger of becoming a bummer.

Andy Hollinden - vocals, guitars, piano, organ, synth, accordion, vibes
Jeremy Allen – electric & acoustic bass
Dane Clark – drums
Mark Galup – harmony vocals, guitar, pedal steel
Phil Hanley – piano

Produced by Andy Hollinden & Mark Galup
Recorded at Reel Recording, Nashville, TN and Midwest Recording, Bloomington, IN

She's Not Close She's The Cigar (2013)

She’s Not Close She’s The Cigar is a song cycle that traces the arc of a doomed relationship - meeting, joy, love, distance, prison, reunion, emotional dissolution, sadness, separation, loneliness. Thematically, it’s similar to The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, and sonically, it’s patterned after Neil Young’s Harvest. As the male character is a country mouse, it features plenty of pedal steel and roots flavor.

LP only, released on beautiful blue vinyl.

Andy Hollinden - vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards
Mark Galup - background vocals, bass, pedal steel, dulcimer
Jason Wilber - electric guitar
Will Medders – drums

Produced by Mark Galup & Andy Hollinden
Recorded at Reel Recording, Nashville, TN
“The Way I Say I Love You” written by Anasazi Hollinden

Lucky Hands In Trying Times (2009)

Lucky Hands In Trying Times was my first true collaboration. My good friend Mark Galup and I each brought six songs to the project. While the songwriting credits were kept separate, we both added tons of parts and arrangement ideas to each other’s compositions to create a unified vibe and cohesive artistic result.

“The Day She Was Diagnosed” and “Strong Man” are about the illnesses that claimed my mother and father.

Andy Hollinden - vocals, piano, organ, synthesizer, guitar, vibraphone, bells
Mark Galup - vocals, guitar, bass, dulcimer, synthesizer
Jamey Reid - drums, percussion

Produced by Mark Galup & Andy Hollinden
Recorded at Reel Recording, Bloomington, IN

Grieve For The Living (2008)

On the big picture, Grieve For The Living is a set of songs that address beliefs – how we get them, how they affect us, how they can conflict, and why we don’t discard the old, silly ones. It contains thirteen moody, majestic songs about aging, failing friendships, stupid royalty, deceit, and competition. Fear not, there’s hope for possible redemption.

Andy Hollinden - vocals, keyboards, guitar, vibraphone
Rich Morpurgo - guitar
Matt Brookshire - bass
Dane Clark - drums
Mark Galup - harmony vocals
Erin, Annie, and Lily Hollinden - vocals (“Sell The Songs To Paul”)

Recorded at Midwest Audio, Bloomington, IN

Trust Yourself (2006)

Trust Yourself is my heaviest, hardest rockin’ album. If you like fast songs and loud, in-your-face guitars, this one’s for you. It features twelve straight-up songs written for the classic rock ‘n’ roll line-up of two guitars, bass, and drums. Don’t worry, there are a few slower tunes to break up the pace.

Andy Hollinden - guitar, vocals
Rich Morpurgo - lead guitar
Jamey Reid - drums, percussion
Jake Smith - bass
Moe Z M.D. - harmony vocals, tambourine, bass (cuts 3, 4, 9, 11)

Recorded at Midwest Audio, Bloomington, IN

Stick It In Your Sound Hole (2004)

Stick It In Your Sound Hole is my roots album. I wanted it to sound like a late ‘50s record, so we used an old DeArmond sound hole pickup in an acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, and only one mic for the entire drum kit. All songs are instrumentals in open tunings and were written after I finally learned how to fingerpick.

Jamey played an old Rogers drum kit I picked up. It had dinky hit-hat cymbals he described as “British” and a rickety Speed King kick pedal that you can hear squeaking in quiet moments.

Andy Hollinden - guitar, electric piano
Frank Smith - acoustic bass
Jamey Reid - drums, tambourine

Recorded in my home studio, Bloomington, IN

Begging's Not Endearing (2002)

I must work with what’s at my fingertips, and for this album I had a collection of traditional instruments, a sampler, and a PC running Sonic Foundry’s ACID. My brother Dave worked at Sonic Foundry then, and he gave me tons of their loops. I spent an insane amount of time auditioning them in seemingly infinite combinations. Trust me, you can easily spend a full day searching for a single perfect moment.

Begging’s Not Endearing is the only album I’ve ever made without any other musicians. It is quite pure and displays well my sense of melody, harmony, arrangement, and production.

Andy Hollinden - guitar, bass, piano, organ, synthesizer, harmonica, trombone, trumpet, percussion, samples, loops

Recorded at Midwest Audio, Bloomington, IN

Heat To Fragrance (2000)

Heat To Fragrance was my first solo release. This one is hard to pin down stylistically because it careens all over the map. There are nine vocal songs and four instrumental cuts whipped up in an unusual, eclectic mix. It features sweet songs about cancer, no sex, friendship, regret, fear, loneliness, and heat.

Andy Hollinden - vocals, guitar, bass, piano, organ, synth, accordion, melodica, loops
Rich Morpurgo - guitar
Todd Smith - bass
Adam White - drums
Jerry Collins - drums
Mark Cobb - drums
Patrick Alfred Mudd - bagpipes
Pipa Yangchin - exotic instruments

Recorded at Midwest Audio, Bloomington, IN

Boot Rouge Et Swabs (1996)

Boot Rouge Et Swabs was the second release by The Speakers, but it was our first full-length CD. I wrote all of the songs but had some helpful lyric contributions. The lyrics of “Velveteen Rabbit” are totally Erin’s. Very nice. The record was recorded to ADATs by our friend Rich Morpurgo (who also contributed guitar). Even though Boot Rouge was totally artistically satisfying, The Speakers soon disbanded so that Erin and I could concentrate on raising our daughters. Probably for the best.

Andy Hollinden - guitar, vocals, organ, piano, bass (tracks 1, 2, 5 and 11)
Erin Hollinden - vocals
John Wittman - drums, percussion
Todd Smith - electric and acoustic bass
Rich Morpurgo - electric guitar (track 11), slide guitar (track 13)

Recorded at my house, Indianapolis, IN

Moving Earth From There To Here (1994)

Moving Earth From There To Here was The Speakers’ debut and the first thing I ever released. A 5-song EP, it was done in one weekend, recorded by Paul Mahern to my Tascam 8-track reel. It featured some of the very first songs I wrote in a somewhat commercial vein. As such, it has its charms, and it has its flaws. I judge myself harshly. Someday I should re-write, re-arrange, and re-record these numbers. Erin wrote the lyrics to “On The Dock,” and they are good. “Albert Simon” is about a workmate who died while I was working on a construction crew.

Andy Hollinden - guitar, vocals, piano, organ
Erin Hollinden - vocals
John Wittman - drums, vocals, percussion, vibraphone
Scott Herider - bass

Recorded at my house, Indianapolis, IN